Halifax Airport Pickup Procedure

Ground Transportation Office

Upon arrival at the Halifax International Airport, after taking the luggage (either international or domestic flights) the customer has to proceed to the “ GROUND TRANSPORTATION OFFICE ” [see Fig-#1] ( which is located in the right corner of the terminal right by the exit revolving door) and Identify themselves, as soon as they would do that, the customers will then be directed to the pre-arranged passenger pick up area [see Fig-#2] and your chauffeur will meet you there in less than a minute.

Halifax Airport Transportation is provided by flylink limousine. For Halifax transportation, our chauffeurs stay in touch with you and provides services to the clients for Halifax airport transportation. We can manage pick up anywhere at any time, and also provides door to door service to or from Halifax International Airport. Once you arrive at the airport leave your worries as we will manage your tour so that you can experience hassle free drive up to your point of destination. Our chauffeur will greet you and accompany you to your car in which you can rest comfortably. We will secure your luggage in the vehicle.

chauffeur for pick up service in halifax

Procedure for Airport Pick Up

  • Once you arrive at the arrivals door which is to the right of exit door you will see the passenger pick-up area which is located just outside the Arrivals Doors. This area is designated with a sign marked "Pre-Arranged" [see Fig-#2]. You need to stand by this sign, the car will arrive at this area in less than two minutes after being called.
  • Before that to get update regarding your car and chauffeur you will get text message from your driver in case there are unexpected delays.
  • Our main purpose is to provide convenient and comfortable services to you. For that the driver will also monitor your flight, so they are aware if it is delayed or early. A message will be sent to you so you can reply and communicate with the driver before you land.
  • Once you arrive you will be greeted gracefully by your driver he will accompany you with your luggage to the car. You can also request your driver to wait with a sign bearing your name.
  • Once you reach near your car you are in safe hands and can enjoy your ride with us. Our drivers are quite efficient and cooperative.

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